Air sealing: PAYBACKS, energy improvements AND COSTS

Energy experts estimate that air leaks are responsible for about 30% of the heating costs of the average wood-frame single-family home, in cold climates.

Assuming an average household annual heating bills of $638 and annual cooling bills of $374 (EIA, USA, 2009), that means that air leaks cost more than $300 per year in such homes.

Air sealing costs and payback periods in wood frame homes

Air sealing payback tableAssuming that the energy losses due to air leakage, in your home, amount to 20% of your heating and cooling bills, an investment of about $2.000 in air sealing can be recovered in less than 5 years (see table at left).

Air sealing is also a way of getting a more comfortable home, without drafts, static electricity (in cold dry climates, in the winter) or the noise of leaky homes. Well-sealed homes are quieter; homeonwers are often pleasantly surprised by this fact, after air sealing improvements. Air sealing is a mandatory component of any noise abatement program.




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