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This page lists online resources on caulking and air sealing...Note: all the resources listed in this page belong to the respective owners, with whom we don't maintain any affiliation.

Best Air Sealing Videos

Air Sealing and Caulking Online Videos and videos are between the best online videos about caulking and air sealing. Green Homes videos comprise attic and recessed lights air sealing. Fine Home Building have a much larger series of videos on caulking and sealing issues; you have to create an account to watch them.Best Air Sealing VideosSee our own videos on air sealing here:
Air Sealing
The Stack Effect

Dow Chemical has also some good videos on sealing projects here.

Best air sealing guides and documentsGuides, catalogues and documents

Online guides and documents on caulking and air sealing:

EnergyStar Air sealing DIY Guide
Weatherize your home - NREL
Air Sealing EERE Guide
ONRL Air Sealing

Top caulking and air sealing manufacturers have case studies, technical information and installation documents that may interest you. See: Dow and GE.

best air sealing contractorsFinding air sealing contractors

Air sealing and caulk manufacturers can help you find air sealing contractors in your region. You may also look for them in the Yellow Pages under “air sealing”. Since they also perform insulation contracting, take a look at The Best of Insulation: Contractors and Associations.

In USA you can find professional air sealing contractors through the Resnet database: Resnet Air Sealing Contractors. Another way of finding contractors in your area is through the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program. See State weatherization contacts.

Best weekend air sealing projectWeekend caulking DIY projects

Home Depot has a page intended for DIY weekend projects. See: Home Depot Dow Air Sealing and Insulation Projects.

Dap has some suggestions for weekend air sealing projects; you may find them here. For air sealing information on projects involving GE silicones, see GE DIY projects. For projects involving Dupont products, see: Pick your sealing project Dupont.

Best air sealing and insulation auditsair sealing and insulation audits

USA: For professional energy audits (infrared audits, blower door tests...) consider Energy star audit partners or a certified professional listed by Resnet: Resnet auditors.
UK: Energy Saving Trust Home Energy check page.
Canada: Natural Resources Canada
: The Australian Government Home Safety Plan




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