This page provides a list of online resources on furnaces.

Best Furnace ManufacturersManufacturers and Brands

There isn't such a thing as a best furnace manufacturer, with the best models and brands.

If you trust a particular brand and have had good experiences with it, stick with it; just take into account some basics: choose a qualified model (Energy Star) with a high AFUE and key new features like variable speed motors and combustion air sealing.

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Efficient Furnaces
Buying Efficient Furnaces
Some top manufacturers may have excellent models, but only time will tell us which and how good they are. For a complete list of energy-efficient furnaces, see the Energy Star lists for gas and oil furnaces.

If you just want to select an efficient furnace with a good price-quality ratio using consumer reports, you may find them at Furnace Compare Reviews or ConsumerSearch. They have tested many dozens of gas and oil furnace models and brands.

Furnace Warranties

When buying, prefer a furnace with a good warranty, mainly in what concerns the heat exchanger (the pricey part of the furnace). The longer the warranty of the heat exchanger the better. Furnaces have a large lifespan, and only companies with high quality products are ready to give a long warranty. Top furnace manufacturers have limited lifetime warranties, or warranties of 20 years for some models. To compare warranties, see for instance Lennox furnace warranties or Ruud warranties.

Best Furnace technical informationBest Furnace Technical Information

For a good furnace installation checklist, see: ACCA
For multi-stage furnaces, see: Toolbase modulating furnaces
For furnaces prices, see: ConsumersSearch
For basics on gas furnaces, see: Natural Resources Canada Gas Furnaces
For basics on oil furnaces, see: Natural Resources Canada Oil Furnaces

Best way to find furnace contractorsHow to Find Contractors

Furnace installation is critical. Without a proper installation the best furnace can be outperformed by a furnace with a lower AFUE. Oversizing if very common, but there are also many possible flaws associated with the ductwork or the venting system that a good contractor can help prevent.

Furnace manufacturers can help you find not only dealers but also contractors and qualified technicians near your home. Just look at their sites or call them.

Professional associations can also help you in this task. See, in USA and Canada:
- NATE (North American Technician Excellence),
- HVAC Excellence
- Smacna
-Resnet Qualified Contractor tool.

Outside USA and Canada you may try associations like...
Europe: European HAVC Associations.
: Energy Rating Australia Government




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