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Garage door manufacturing is dominated by large companies, but there is also some dozens of relatively large family-owned businesses; some big companies - Jeld-Wen Inc. and Marvin, for instance- also produce other types of doors, or even windows.

Sectional garage doors are sophisticated and mass-produced products, with foam cores and sophisticated edge and bottom seals, and smallest companies are not any more part of this market.

Many manufacturers are providing interactive design and sizing tools; they allow you to select from a wide set of sizes, panel patterns, colors, windows, decorative hardware, etc.

Top manufacturers are selling their products through local dealers or large home improvement stores.

Top garage door companies overview

World’s leading garage door brands include: Amarr, Clopay, Overhead Doors, Martin, Raynor, Wayne-Dalton and a few others (for a wider list of garage door manufacturers see here).

Some of these companies have a legacy of high quality design, but most manufacturers do not have a complete line of garage doors - sectional, rolling, steel, wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass… - or any special legacy (legacy may not mean much today).

Top garage manufacturers have their products distributed through over dozens of “Door Centers” and a network of hundreds or thousands of professional garage door dealers – which is important for widespread accessibility and reliable service.

Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears ... garage door Brands

You can buy garage doors from leading manufacturers at large home improvement retailers: Sears, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco Warehouses…

Top Retailers & Garage Door Brands
Home Depot: Chamberlain, Clopay, Martin.
Lowe's: Pella, Wayne-Dalton, private labels (Amarr....)
Sears: private labels.
Costco Warehouses: private labels.

But pay attention: in some cases garage doors are sold under private label, that is: they are manufactured or provided by big manufacturers and offered under another company's brand – in this case, the retailer's brand.

Large home improvement retailers may send a representative to your home, to talk to you and to discuss your needs and make precise measurements. But first contacts are typically made through their sites, where they present their products.

They will invite you to enter your ZIP code, and give online up-to-the minute availability and pricing in your area. They will present their products, series, sizes, prices, brands, customer reviews.

Typically, you’ll pay in advance – though they also do financing.

Buying a garage door directly from a top manufacturer

The first contacts with large garage door manufacturers may also be made through their websites, and their online design tools. You’ll need to take some measurements of your existing garage door, or door opening.

More personal contacts will only occur later and are typically made by their "Door Centers” representatives and local garage door dealers.

Buying through an independent local garage door dealer

Most professional garage door dealers are selling garage doors made by leading manufacturers. Some may buy and configure pre-made door sections, besides installation – though some also manufacture their own custom garage door products.

Local garage door dealers may sell only one manufacturer’s doors, but others offer a variety of products.

Though they may have showrooms, most will send a representative to your home, to show brochures with their products, and to measure your garage’s door opening.

Buying from a leading manufacturer, an improvement home improvement retailer or from a professional garage door dealer?

Major garage door manufacturers and large home improvement retailers offer a number of well-known advantages that include: cost-competitiveness, legacy, standard quality products…

When contacting independent small garage door dealers, take some cares. You should find out how long they are in business, and their warranties, and if they stand behind their products and workmanship. Also get written product and price estimates from more than one dealer.

Door Warranty

Manufacturers offer different warranties for their different garage door lines.

Wood garage doors have a short warranty (usually a year or two), but other types of doors may have 15, 20 or even lifetime warranties.

Pay attention to it. The warranty is a good sign of how robust a garage door is.

Many times, people pay too much attention to aesthetics and end up buying garage doors that will require more frequent maintenance and do no last as long as other doors.

Top Garage Door Manufacturers

US and Canada:

Amarr-Reliabilt-Jeld Wen
Hormann (USA, Europe...)
Martin Doors
Overhead Doors

In Europe or Australia, where other types of residential garage doors (roller shutter, side-hinged, op-and-over...) have a more important role than in the American market, most garage door companies are different players:

B&D (Australia)
Bespoke (UK)
Centurion (Australia)
Crocodile (UK)
Dominator (NZ)
Essati (UK)
Gliderol (Australia),
Mansfield (UK)
National Doors,
Quokka (Australia)
RJ (Australia)

Garage Door Installers

Though there are instructional videos to help DIY garage door installation, and companies supporting do-it-yourselfers, hiring a professional installer is the right choice. He will get the job done properly in a few hours time.

The installation of the tracks of the doors, or their torsion and extension spring systems, requires expertise and training. An optimized installation is also critical for maximum performance, and manufacturers may void their warranties if the installation is not done properly done.

Many manufacturers have their own trained dealers and installers, and you just have to look at their sites and use their Dealer Locator options. Many dealers are also installers and can provide information, support, insurance, warranties and also the disposal of old doors.

Alternatively, you can look for professional installers at Door Education Find a Technician and Door Education Find Dealer.

Eco-friendly garage door manufacturers

Eco-friendly garage doors? You may look for garage doors with a green label and some sort of environmental certification, or garage doors using recycled materials in their core, but the range of options and the available information is very limited…

But here are some tips, anyway.

Eco-friendly steel and wood garage doors

Look for SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) certified doors (see label below). They use a minimum of 88% of recycled content and CFC-free insulation materials… Some composite doors may use 100% recycled wood fiber.

Green wood garage doors

Doors using wood maple, beech, oak and scrap wood byproducts are “greener” than those made with timber from old-growth forests.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is very important, in this case. FSC certifies that the wood used in the door comes from sustainably managed forests, with sustainable harvesting practices 

CE MarkingGarage door makers with environmental concerns

It’s difficult to assess the environmental practices of door manufacturers. Companies like Overhead Doors, Wayne-Dalton, Ankmar, Amarr or Martin Doors claim having eco-friendly garage door product lines.

Some manufacturers say they are committed to meet green guidelines in their manufacturing practices; they recycle cardboard, polystyrene, scrap steel, or use CFC and HCFC-free insulation materials.

Durable garage doors

Prefer a durable garage door, to reduce waste. Many garage doors end up in a landfill after a few years. Keep old doors out of landfills. 





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