Steel, wood, fiberglass, vinyl... garage door Costs

A premium garage door can cost you ten times the price of a budget one, or more.

Obviously, prices vary with the size, quality, features and the type of materials the doors are made from. Steel, aluminum or fiberglass garage doors are on average a lot cheaper than standard wood garage doors.

Just make sure of what you want and need. The strength and durability of the door, or its maintenance can be critical; as it is energy performance, to protect your garage and your home from extreme temperatures. Garage doors can be important for house energy efficiency, when in contact with the living space.

garage door pricesTypical Costs for Garage Doors

Prices vary widely. You can pay around $200 for a 9 ft x 7 ft non-insulated 27 gauge steel garage door in a large retail store (Home Depot, Lowes….) or, say, $5,000 installed for a premium custom wood door, 16-by-7 foot, double door.

That’s a big difference.

Inexpensive garage doors

Want a cheap garage door? Large retail stores are probably the best way of getting such a door. They offer the best quality-price ratio, if you want to buy a discount garage door.

Though there are cheap wood or aluminum doors, large retail stores aren’t selling them – and it’s not easy to find them; large retailers are mostly selling steel garage doors.

As mentioned earlier, a single layer non-insulated 9 ft x 7 ft steel door, with short traditional panel design, tongue-and-groove section joints, 27 gauge steel, 2 inches thick frame, will cost you something around $200.

A door, with the same size, but insulated and with some small extra features, will cost you at least $100 more.  

Cost of steel doors

Durability, strength, ease of maintenance, mass-production make steel garage doors the most popular type of garage doors.

Prices of steel doors are mostly in the $800 - $2,000 range. They vary with the size, the strength (the lower the gauge number the better the quality), the number of steel layers, the insulation layer. And also with extra features involving the design, the hardware, the windows… Adding glass options to a steel garage door can increase its price up to 15 or 20%.

Special styles can also make the doors pricier: some 16-by-7-foot steel garage door, carriage-house style look, can cost you $3,500 or more installed.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Typical costs for all-aluminum and aluminum-Glass garage doors

There are cheap all-aluminum garage doors, as inexpensive as the most inexpensive steel doors. Though they are lighter than steel doors, they haven’t any other significant advantage, and are less strong and more prone to damage.

Far easier to find are the newer aluminum-glass garage doors, but they are relatively expensive. Typical prices are around $2,000 - $3,000 installed (16-by-7-foot garage doors), though there are cheaper units.

Typical Prices for Wooden Garage Doors

A basic, panel 16-by-7-foot wood garage door will cost you $700-$1,000 installed.

Solid hardwood panel doors will cost you at least $1,500 (redwood) or $2,000 (oak-paneled and all-cedar), for small sizes... Larger doors may cost you twice as much. Prices above $3,000 (up to $10,000) are common.

Do not forget that wood doors are typically high-maintenance products, and aren’t as durable or as strong as steel garage doors. Natural wood expands, contracts and can crack or warp if not properly maintained. Wood garage doors require regular repainting or refinishing.

Typical Costs for Fiberglass Garage Doors

There are low-priced fiberglass doors, but those currently found in the market are premium doors; expect prices around $1,500 - $3,500 installed, for 16-by-7 foot doors.

These doors imitate wood units perfectly, and haven’t their cons. They are low-maintenance doors, and premium units can be strong and very durable, and with very good R-values (insulation value).

Vinyl garage door costs

Prices are very similar to those of fiberglass and composite garage doors.

Typical Prices for Composite Garage Doors

Many garage doors are composite, that is, they combine different materials.

Most fiberglass doors are constructed with aluminum (or steel) frames and fiberglass panels. Many interior wooden doors have various surface finishing. Many steel doors have foam cores and a wood overlay, and so on.

These composite garage doors vary a lot in their price. Most quality 16-by-7-foot composite garage doors may cost you around $2,000 installed.

List of manufacturers & Steel garage doors reviews

It's easy to find steel garage door customer reviews. You just have to go the Home Depot or Lowe's sites, and look for customer ratings in their garage door section.

For a directory of all the American garage door companies, see this list from Dasma, the association of manufacturers of garage doors.

More information: IDA, International Door Association

Installing a garage door Cost

Installing a garage door is a professional job; expect a cost of $200-$400.

Where to Buy? Large Retailers

Large home improvement retailers offer very competitive prices for their garage door products. Their websites show brands, products, series, sizes of the doors, prices or even customer reviews.

They offer financing but you’ll have to pay in advance.

Buying through an independent local garage door dealer

Many garage door dealers are selling garage doors made by top manufacturers, though some have their own custom garage door products.

When contacting these companies take some cares. Get written product and price estimates from more than one dealer. Make sure that they are representatives of top manufacturers or that they stand behind their products.

Buying from a leading manufacturer

Major garage door manufacturers use their "door centers" and local garage dealers. Buying directly from them may not be possible, or advantageous in terms of prices.

Pay attention to the garage door warranty. Do not overvalue the costs or the aesthetics.






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