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Best Heat Pump ManufacturersManufacturers and brands

Japanese companies (Mitsubishi, Fujitsi, Daikin...) have very energy-efficient and competitive ductless heat pumps, the most interesting type of electric equipment for energy efficient homes.
Carrier, Goodman, Trane, York or Rheem have many qualified air source heat pump models.
Danfoss, Carrier or American Standard are top manufacturers of geothermal heat pumps.
Rheem and GE produce heat pump water heaters...

For a longer list, see: Heat Pumps Manufacturers.

Best Videos About Heat Pumpsheat pump videos

Designing a ground source heat pump (geothermal) system requires technical knowledge. See on this issue: and the Greenspec videos (at the end of their page).

For a view of how an air-source heat pump works, take a look at this Danfoss video (Danfoss is an important heat pump manufacturer).

For several videos involving the heat pump industry, see Geoexchange.

Best Sizing Tools for Heat Pumpsheat pump sizing tools

Sizing a central heat pump is critical for efficiency and to prevent temperature swings. That's something that you should discuss with a qualified professional; take into account your climate and your home's insulation and windows... Avoid oversizing and do not forget that central heat pumps is a poor choice from an energy-efficiency standpoint. The best approach involves ductless heat pumps, very energy efficient windows and high levels of home sealing and insulation.

Online tools are very limited in their scope. You may try the small list of heat pump calculators listed by The Energy Grove, or the AC4Life tips. To size a heat pump swimming pool heater see Energy Savers.

Energy efficient Heat Pumpsefficient heat pumps

All the well-known brands have energy-efficient heat pumps, but Japanese companies are leading the most recent technological "cold-climate" heat pump innovations.

Be aware of the basics and choose an Energy Star or other qualified unit, with a high heating and cooling efficiency ratings.

See on this issue: Heat Pumps Performance and Rating

Heat Pumps Best Technical InformationHeat pump Technical information

For a good technical view about ground heat pump installation, see the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy Geo4VA.

See also Natural Resources Canada pages on ground and air source heat pumps.

Heat Pumps certified professionalscertified heat pump professionals

Heat pumps manufacturers can help you find local contractors and qualified technicians. Just look at their sites or call them.

Geochange (a heat pump association) has a very complete list of heat pump professionals. See: GeoExchange Directory. Also in North America, you may use the RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor tool to find heat pump professionals.

Outside USA and Canada, you may look for heat pump professionals at...

European Heat Pump Association
European Heat Pump Network
UK: Heat Pump Association
Australia: Energy Rating Australia Government

Ground Source Heat Pump Association
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association




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