Heat Pumps tax credits and incentives

Ask your contractor about incentives involving energy-efficient heat pumps... Below we list online resources on tax credits and state incentives in the North America, Europe and Australia and New Zealand...


Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)
Ground Heat Pumps: US Federal and US States Incentives  
Energy Star

Heat Pumps Grants

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Low Carbon Buildings Program provides grants to help with the costs of installing heat pumps and other low carbon and renewable energy technologies. See: Housing and Buildings Energy Savings Trust.

Incentives for Ground Heat Pumps

There are incentives for heat pumps in some municipalities and states (British Columbia - Energy Conservation, New Brunswick...).

For information on incentives and rebates involving heat pumps and renewables in your region, check out the Incentives and Rebates database on the Office of Energy Efficiency web site: Canadian Incentives and Rebates for Alternative Energies.

Heat Pumps Incentives

Rebates are currently available in Queensland, Victoria and some parts of NSW and SA. Most of current incentives involve the solar technologies: the Photovoltaic Rebate Program (PVRP) and the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program (RRPGP).

For information on Australian energy efficiency incentives, see the following governmental sites:

- Australian Greenhouse Office AGO
- Environment ACT Government Environment ACT
- New South Wales, Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability DEUS
- Northern Territory, Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines Dept of Energy - make the switch
- Queensland Environmental Protection Agency EPA
- South Australia, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, Energy SA
- Tasmania, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, DIER
- Victoria, Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria, SEAV
- Western Australia, Sustainable Energy Development Office

New Zealand

Houses built prior to 2000 can benefit from subsidies for insulation and clean efficient heating. Heat pumps can benefit from incentives under this scheme. See: Heat pumps Info NZ




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