TOP small electric space heaters

This page lists valuable tips to help you choose the right small electric space heater for this season.

Certified and qualified electric space heaters

There isn’t an Energy Star list (or a TopTen rating) for electric space heaters as there is for other heating units; in large part this is due to the fact that they all have the same energy efficiency (they convert 100% of the electricity they use into heat); they all use the same basic technology (based on electrical resistances).

Just make sure that the units you are going to buy obey to the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards (UL 1278 for Best eletric small heatersportable electric space heaters, and UL 1042 for baseboard electric heaters). 

Small electric heaters, best brand reviews

The best established brands may have excellent heaters, and not so good ones… And the brands with, say, the best electric ceramic heaters or the best oil filled heaters, may not be the ones with the best small baseboard heaters or other types of units.

Since there isn’t any well-known non-profit organization rating the small heaters, the easies way of getting such rating (within each category of heater) is to resort to the online reviews associated to large retail stores such as Amazon.

Below we list the brands with the best ratings, for the main types of small electric heaters.

Small electric oil filled heaters
Delonghi ; Honeywell and Optimus prices & customer reviews:

Electric baseboard heaters
Top brands: Cadet, Fahrenheat, Honeywell and QMark. prices and customer reviews: Electric baseboard heaters.

Ceramic, quartz, infrared heaters
Lasko has dozens of popular and inexpensive ceramic heaters, quartz and infrared.
Holmes, Delonghi and Honeywell have also a vary wide offer.
For prices and customer reviews at, see: Ceramic space heaters.

Top safest models

Safety should be a top consideration when buying small electric space heaters. These heaters are a common cause of residential fires, and many people receive hospital emergency care for burn injuries due to contact with the hot surfaces of small heaters.

But there is no rule to choose a heater at this level.

Problems like small heaters catching fire due to intrinsic problems are extremely rare. Fires and injuries are mostly due to unsafe use, though there are reports concerning problems of overheating or smoking involving small electric space heaters.

Though there are cases of companies recalling their heaters due to safety concerns, that’s a more general problem, extensive to other sectors and products.

Just make sure that the heater…

- carries the UL label and
- choose a thermostatically controlled unit (to avoid overheating and potential burning injuries);




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