You should use air conditioning selectively, just in some parts of the house. That's the goal of zone cooling.

Zoning cooling:
Cooling individual bedrooms or parts of the house, instead of the entire building.

Zone cooling is very similar to zone heating.

You can use a central air conditioner or a heat pump to set different temperature levels in different parts of your house.

You may have, in this case, two, three or more zones and a wireless programmable thermostat in each one, controlling the dampers in the ductwork.

To be effective, zone cooling has to be very selective; and air-conditioned rooms should be well insulated and "separated" from the rest of the house.

Obviously you can also use a room air conditioner or a ductless heat pump in just one zone, or two....

Implementing Zone Cooling

In hot tropical climates, air conditioned rooms should benefit from high levels of wall and floor insulation (besides very high levels of attic insulation), and should have very energy efficient windows properly sized (typically small).

Air conditioned rooms are often buffered by other rooms, to limit unwanted heat gains to the maximum.

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