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Best Insulation VideosInsulation Installation Videos

Below, we list some online videos on insulation. The selection covers different types of insulation materials: new materials like ICF forms and SIP panels, but also batt and blanket insulation, fibers and foams. Just try to ignore the promotional side of some of these videos...

EnergySavingsTrust organization (UK) videos
Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, etc.
See: Energy Savings Trust Insulation Videos

ICF forms videos (walls, new homes)
See: Rastra (at the end of their Library page)

SIP panels video (walls and roofs, new homes):
SIP installation video from the SIP professional association:
Building with SIP panels, from Michigan Codes Sips

Rigid foam insulation
Rigid foam insulation, from Michigan Codes Rigid Foam Insulation

Videos on several types of installation insulation
Owens Corning and have many insulation installation videos. Though with a commercial focus, they are between the best online videos. Just choose the type of insulation. See:
Owens Corning Insulation Videos

Best insulation case studiesInsulation Case Studies

The US Green Building Council Case Studies section offers many insulation case studies. Although with a promotional focus, there are other more interesting Case Studies like the Knauf Insulation Case Studies, covering traditional insulation materials.

ICF insulation Case Studies (residential wall and roof insulation):

The ICF (Insulated Construction Forms) professional association offers some good ICF forms Case Studies, for new homes. See: ICF Case Studies

SIP insulation Case Studies (new wall construction and insulation)

The SIP (Structural Insulation Panels) professional association also offers SIP panels Case Studies, for new homes. See: SIP Panels

High efficient foams

For Case Studies involving high-efficient foams see: Icynene Case Studies.

Best insulation guidesTechnical Guides, Catalogues and Documents

The NAIMA organization has a wealth of information - guides, documents... - to help homeowners on fiberglass, rockwool/slag wool and cellulose insulation products and options. See: Naima Insulation Literature

TOOLBASE is a major source of technical information on insulation. See: Toolbase insulation information

The BUILDWISE organization provides also valuable information on insulation. See the insulation section of this organization: Buildwise Energy and Green Practices

Insulation Grants and IncentivesIncentives, Grants, Rebates

In Canada, see: Office of Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives

In USA, see: Energy Star and tax credits information.
For more detailed data on federal incentives in USA, see: DSIRE USA
For local tax incentives involving insulation in USA, see: DSIRE

Note: DSIRE is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and is an ongoing project of the N.C. Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

For information on insulation incentives in Australia try these two links: and Consumers

For information on insulation incentives in the UK, see: Energy Saving Trust

Best professional insulation contractorsProfessional Insulation Associations and Contractors

Searching dealers and installers through manufacturers

The main insulation manufacturers can help you find dealers and installers near your home. Just call them. Organizations like Resnet (USA) and insulation associations can also help you. See below.

Insulation contractors associations

Insulation Contractors Association of America: this Association has a Contractor Locator.

Blow-in-Blanket Contractors Association: this association lists silver, gold and platinum members, as well as many other authorized members. See: Contractor Locator (North America)


To find a professional insulation contractor in USA, see: Resnet insulation contractors (the search demands your Zip code; do not forget to choose the exact type of insulation contractor you are looking for in the combo box: insulation, batt insulation, blown insulation, foam insulation, etc)

ICF association and contractors

To find Insulated Construction Forms contractors, distributors and other ICF professionals, use the ICF professional organization database.

SIP association contractors

SIP manufacturers may help you to find contractors, distributors and other SIP professionals. Or you may use the SIP manufacturers association database: SIPA database.


Cellulose Manufacturers Insulation Association (CIMA) database is a good way to search for contractors and other professionals. See: CIMA HomeOwners and CIMA Builders and Contractors.

Fiberglass, mineral wool

NAIMA member companies produce fiberglass, rock wool and slag wool insulation products. You may contact them when searching for contractors, distributors and other insulation professionals in USA. See: NAIMA members

For other associations, see the NAIMA list of fiberglass and mineral wool associations outside USA.

Mineral wool for the residential market, in the U.S.: Roxul.

Mineral wool (Europe):

The European Mineral Wool Manufacturers Association (Eurima) provides a listing of their members, which can help you find contractors and other insulation professionals. See: Eurima Members

Polyurethane associations

Here's a selection of links to the websites of associations dealing with insulation polyurethane products and applications (in Europe, Asia, North America, Mexico, etc.): Basf listing of polyurethane organizations.

They can help you to contact foam insulation dealers or contractors in your region.

Other Foam associations

Polyurethane foam association (USA),
Polyurethane association

Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA)The
Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
Spray Polyurethane Association

Best maps and tables insulation
Best weekend insulation project Weekend Insulation DIY projects

Between the many online resources involving weekend insulation DIY projects, we have chosen the Home Depot DIY projects. They intend to promote some big brands (Dow, Green fiber and Owens Corning) but they convey some good information and resources (including some videos).

Weekend Insulation Projects with Dow insulation products: foam sealants, air barriers, insulation boards

Includes weekend projects involving foam sealants, materials for wall cavities, air barrier materials and insulation boards... See: Home Depot Dow Insulation Projects 

Weekend Insulation Projects with Green fiber products: attic and wall insulation

For DIY weekend projects involving attic and wall insulation with fiber materials (and a blowing machine and sidewall nozzle) see: Home Depot Green Fiber Projects

Weekend Insulation Projects: batt, rigid foams, garage doors, attics

For weekend DIY projects involving fiberglass batt insulation, rigid foam insulation projects, garage doors insulation kits, attic insulation (with blankets), see: Home Depot Owens Corning Projects

Best insulation audit Insulation Audits

For DIY insulation audits, see: Simple energy audits.

For professional insulation audits (infrared audits, blower door tests...) consider Energy star audit partners or a certified professional listed by Resnet (Resnet auditors).

See the Energy Saving Trust Home Energy check page

See the Natural Resources Canada

See The Australian Government Home Safety Plan




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