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Insulation software tools should be used critically; do not expect too much from them. Most of the available online free tools do not worth much.

ORNL Zip Code Insulation Program

The ORNL Zip Code Insulation Program allows you to estimate the insulation needs in different rooms and parts of the house, both in new and existing buildings. To get the insulation recommendations, the program needs some data about your house and climate, namely your Zip Code...

This software if designed for the United States, but you may also use it in other countries as long as you match your particular climate with an equivalent US climate (defined by the Zip Code).

See: ORNL Zip Code Insulation Program

Lowe's, Home Depot Insulation Calculators: Number of Bags of Blown-In insulation Needs

Lowe's, Home Depot and a few manufacturers are offering online insulation calculators.

Home Depot or Lowe's online calculators give an estimate of the number of bags of blown-in insulation you need. They require simple, basic data: the size of your home and the size of the rooms you want to insulate, or your heating system. These insulation calculators have obvious limitations.

Home Depot Calculator (fiber and blow-in insulation)
Lowe's Calculator (blow-in insulation) insulation calculator offers an online spreadsheet to help you know your insulation needs. This tool can be used in any country, but requires specific information on your climate zone.

See: Chuck-wright

3E Plus insulation program

The 3E Plus Insulation Thickness Computer Program is a management tool developed by the North American Insulation Manufacturers. This online software calculates the thermal performance of both insulated and uninsulated piping, ducts and equipment. It also calculates savings and greenhouse gas emissions. This software - designed to insulation contractors - can be used free of charge by other interested users.

To download it: 3E Plus Insulation Program

House-Energy insulation table: Common and Recommend Values for a very energy Efficient home

Recommnended insulation r-values for walls, attics, ceilings and roofs





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