new Manual gardening tools AS AN alternative to gardening and yard equipment

Mowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, shredders, power tillers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, chainsaws... The list of gardening and yard equipment is long.

But domestic gardening isn't supposed to be based on them. Most of this equipment is too polluting and too noisy. And often useless for small domestic gardening work.

Be critical. Before buying a power tiller or a gas mower you should ask yourself if you do need it. What seems a perfect machine may turn out to be a very ineffective piece of equipment.

If you are physically fit consider new reel mowers instead of gas and electric mowers, or garden hoes and shovels instead of power tillers, or leaf rakes instead of leaf blowers. New manual garden tools can be a lot more effective than older tools.

Garden ToolsConsidering cleaner gardening options

We may, of course, consider cleaner gas and propane equipment, or in some cases hybrid solar-electric units. But the role of manual tools shouldn't be underestimated.

There are now improved and lightweight garden tools that can make mowing, tilling, pruning and other gardening activities easier and non-polluting. Do not be fooled by the appeal of technology or the claims of manufacturers, or the supposed ease of use of the new machines. For small and average yards, manual tools may well be the most effective.

Garden Tool: Tilling HoesFor reviews and ratings you may take a look at the offer:

- Axes
- Cultivators and Tillers
- Forks
- Grass Shears
- Hand Hedgers
- Hand Shears
- Garden Hoes

- Loppers
- Machetes
- Manual Lawn Aerators
- Manual Weeders
- Picks
- Pruners
- Rakes
- Saws
- Scissors
- Shovels

- Spades
- Trowels
- Tool Sets




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