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Buildings are the major responsible for greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide. They consume more energy than the industry or the transportation sector.  

Traditional buildings are the problem. Zero Energy Buildings are the solution.

Why Zero energy buildings?

Because we are wrecking the climate.
Because the world’s CO2 emissions coming from the consumption of energy amount to 2,726.934 MILLION METRIC TONS PER MONTH*.
Because buildings are responsible for about than 40% of such emissions.
Because buildings are responsible for about 424 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS PER SECOND*.
Because buildings can be Energy zero (ZEB).
Because ZEB buildings are within our reach.
Because ZEB buildings will be more comfortable and healthy.
Because in the end they will cost less: the additional initial costs of such buildings are quickly recovered with energy savings.

* EIA (US Energy Information Administration), 2012.

Buildings co2 emissions

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Zero energy buildingsAwareness campaigns on Zero Energy Buildings

There is a surprising lack of information about the impact of our buildings on the environment, and Zero Energy Buildings are often seen as a distant green dream.

But Zero Energy Buildings are within our immediate reach. They do not require special technologies - just very high levels of insulation, very efficient windows and exterior doors, efficient lighting and equipment, proper solar orientation, smart design to reduce the energy consumption significantly, and a photovoltaic or other renewable source of energy to meet the remaining energy needs.

They will cost a little more, but the additional up-front cost will be easily recovered with energy savings. In the end they will be less expensive to operate and to own, more comfortable for their occupants, and also more valuable, durable and sustainable.

The problems with implementation are mostly organizational, political and logistical. Or associated with lack of information and limited awareness.

Use our infographics as a means of raising awareness

We have dozens of infographics about energy efficiency issues and Zero Energy Buildings that you may use freely on your blog or website. Use them to raise awareness and encourage discussion on the advantages of Zero Energy Buildings and energy-efficiency issues involving the building sector..



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