ENERGY EFFICIENT Mortgages, loans and brokers

A good mortgage broker can help you find the best loan and rates, and advise you on possible energy-efficient financing options.

The world of construction loans is complex and contradictory.

Some lenders may even suggest, based on your income, that you use traditional construction approaches instead of energy-efficient ones, to reduce costs - which, obviously, you should not accept.

And it is in cases like this that a good mortgage broker matters; he can help you deal with lenders, advice you and find the best programs for low-energy building and for buying an energy efficient home.

Crediting the energy efficiency of the home in the loan

In the US, an energy efficient mortgage is one that credits the home's energy efficiency in the loan, which means that the home buyer has the ability to buy a higher quality home because he will have lower monthly energy bills. This concept can be extended to home energy improvements.
There are lenders and institutions that value as a capital asset the energy efficiency of your new house, or the energy efficient improvements that you may carry out. And there are now, in some states, green financing options.

In other words: some lenders may consider energy improvements in the mortgages and construction loans.

In the US, there are Energy Efficient Mortgages, designed to those who want to buy a more energy efficient new home (typically Energy Star homes) or an existing home with energy improvements. These mortgages are commonly known as EEMs (Energy Efficient Mortgages) or EIM (Energy Improvement Mortgages).

For additional financial information or to locate mortgage brokers, see these Energy Star and Resnet pages.




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