Popular home architecture and design magazines are full of nonsense

Be critical about popular architecture and design magazines and sites. They may have beautiful photos of home interiors and exteriors, but it doesn't mean much.

Be aware of the content of these magazines and sites.

Do not let you be fooled by the luxury homes they show, and the comments of the many thousands of people visiting such sites or reading such magazines.

It's all part of the celebrity style.

Many of the houses they should – when they are not more than just dreams – are extravagant constructions. They are expensive to operate and built and require very expensive heating and cooling systems.

The fashion, beauty, celebrities style in home construction

Most of these sites and magazines sell dreams, they do not intend to help people on their journey to creating a comfortable and healthy home, or practical solutions.

Big houseIncongruous

The ideas in these magazines and sites, even the best ones, are often incongruous.

Just an example of what of one of these popular sites considers as a mistake to avoid when installing a new lighting system and building a new home.

See what it recommends: «Light fixtures should be plentiful, as should windows. Windows should be present in every room and as large as possible. Natural light is critical, so think about adding skylights as well…».

That’s nonsense.

Natural light is very important, but that doesn't mean that light fixtures should be plentiful, or that we should have large windows in every room, or skylights. Windows and skylights are the weakest points in the thermal envelope of any house, and can be a major cause of high heating and cooling bills, and comfort issues. The size and location of windows should be carefully planned, and skylights should only be considered in very specific conditions.

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