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A green home can look as beautiful as you want - as long as you aren’t focused on extravagant aesthetics.

What does this mean exactly? 

It means that many people (including architects and builders) are focused on conceptions of “art” and “style” that end up having a very negative impact on home comfort, energy consumption and the environment.

There are rules that can't be broken.

There are low-visibility measures that are as important or more important than aesthetics: insulation, airtightness, proper ventilation, or drainage and other moisture control methods...

We can't break fundamental rules of window sizing or window performance, or home shape, or roof design. We can't suppress overhangs. We should not ignore the importance of the height of the rooms. And so on...

Homes can't be built according to foolish and outlandish conceptions of style and art.

A high-quality home has to be built according to constraints and quality standards.


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