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Technical and basic information on Outdoor Pools, Indoor Pools, Pool Covers, Solar Pool Heating, High Efficient Gas Pool Heaters and Heat Pump Pool Heaters: RSPEC Fact Sheets

For technical swimming pool material:
Pool Help; for links see The journal of Pool Heating and SPA Industry.

Conserving Energy and Heating Your Pool (EPA PDF)

Solar Pools Installation Tips:
FSEC Pool installation.

Professional Pool and SPA associations can help you find pool service professionals and pool builders in your region:

USA: APSP (The Association of Pool and SPA Professionals).
UK: BSPF (British Swimming Pool Federation)
UE: EUSA (European Union of Swimming Pool and SPA Association)
Australia: SPASA (Swimming Pool & SPA Association)

For listings of manufacturers and approved solar systems and collectors for solar pool heating:

RSPEC: Solar pool heating manufacturers
FSEC: Approved solar systems for pool heating and their manufacturers
FSEC: Certified solar pool heating collectors and their manufacturers

Pool covers:
Pool cover manufacturers




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