is radiant Electric floor heating worth it?

Electric radiant floor heating is becoming popular in many regions, in cold climates, as a way of heating the floor.

The focus – in many cases – is not to heat an entire room or house but just to heat the floor. Many people love to go barefoot.

Heating the entire house with electric radiant floor heating is too expensive

It’s possible to heat a large room or even an entire house with electric radiant floor heating; but it is not economical, or recommended on environmental grounds.

Electric radiant heating is relatively inexpensive to install - much more than hot-water radiant heating; it doesn't require an expensive boiler system and controls; and its cables or mats (loops of cable embedded in a mesh fabric or something equivalent) are less expensive than the tubing required by hydronic radiant heating.

But electric heating is typically expensive to run except on low cost nighttime tarifs or for small uses.

Image: Mats installation

Is it worth to Electric Radiant Mats: their installationJust heat the floor?

You may consider electric-resistance in-floor heating mats in a small room (a bathroom, for instance) or in small parts of the house.

As long as it is limited to one or two rooms or a small part of the rooms or the house, to benefit from the warmth of the floor, it will not be too expensive to install such a system and to run it for short periods.

Why electric floor heating isn't worth in new construction

If you are building a new home, begin by insulating the concrete floor slabs. It will dramatically reduce the cold-floor problem. You will not need to install a radiant floor heating system.

Solving the"cold-floor problem" with an expensive radiant-floor heating system (which also requires a rigid insulation system under the slab, to prevent heat loss) doesn't make sense.




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