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Velux is the indisputable world leader in skylights. Velux offers several lines of skylights, and tried-and-tested flashing systems. Their flashing systems – the famous metal step flashing – remain largely unchanged since their debut in the forties of the past century.

velux vs. Fakro Brands: Glass Skylights

Velux is a giant global corporation, with manufacturing companies in eleven countries and sales companies in forty. The group has around 10,000 employees worldwide, and head office in Hørsholm, Denmark. 

Fakro, a Polish company, is the number two shylight manufacturer worldwide. It has companies in America, China, Russia, and several other countries. Fakro's global market share is estimated to be close to 15%, which is significant but just a fourth or less of Velux's share.

Velux (Velux AmericaVelux UKVelux Australia… ) 
Fakro (Fakro America)

Top plastic skylight Brands

In North America, Bristolite and Wasco are two important manufacturers with high-quality acrylic and polycarbonate skylights.

Both have the new polycarbonate aerosol insulated skylights, able to overcome many of the disadvantages of traditional plastic skylights (relatively short life, discoloring, poor sealing, low energy-efficiency). These skylights – with aerosol insulation – can be more energy efficient than glass skylights, but they have a big downside: they aren't transparent…

See for details on these plastic skylights: Plastic Aerogel Acrylic Skylights.

Top commercial skylight brands

Bristolite and Wasco skylight lines are mostly designed for commercial and industrial applications, contrary to what happens to Velux or Fakro skylight models.

Anyway, Velux has also two lines of commercial plastic skylights: the Velux CAP and the Velux CM commercial acrylic and polycarbonate dome skylights; the company claims that its commercial skylights only use acrylic that does not yellow over time, and that their CM curb mount skylights have a special weep system (to prevent condensation). But these claims are rather questionable. The quality of commercial plastic skylights varies, and the offer of the other leading companies is very similar in quality to that of Velux (Fakro doesn’t have a line of plastic skylights).


Top solar tubes skylight brands

If you aren't interested in views and ventilation, sun tunnel skylights are a great alternative, and you can buy them either from Velux (Fakro does not produce or sell solar tubes) or from other more specialized solar tube manufacturers: ODL, Skydome (Australia), SunDome, SolaTube, US Sunlight...

Other Top Skylight Manufacturers

Though there are other skylight companies, they are mostly local brands, without relevance in the global market, or even as national companies.

Other skylight manufacturers:
Daylite (Australia)

Skylight brands in big home improvement stores

Home Depot:
Glass skylight brands: Velux and Fakro
Acrylic and Polycarbonate brands: Sun Optics
Solar tube brands: ODL, US Sunlight

Glass skylight brands: Velux and Fakro.
Acrylic and Polycarbonate skylight brandss: Skyview, Solar, Sun-Tek
Solar tube brands: Velux, Sun-Tek, US Sunlight, Solar, Skyview

Manufacturer Skylight warranties

Velux provides a warranty of 10-years for product parts and labor (rectangular skylights and sun tunnels), and 20 years on seal failure (moisture between glass panes); that's something that you may want to compare with other skylight manufacturers.

Manufacturer skylight installation Guides and Videos

Skylight installation varies with manufacturers and models. Below, we list a few links to guides, videos and instructions provided by three leading manufacturers.

Installation videos: several types of skylights
Installation videos: blinds-shades and awnings (Blackout blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds);
Instructions and guides for several types of roof windows, blinds and shades
Velux skylight dealers and installers locator
Residential curb mount skylights installation instructions
Wasco Residential dealer (installers) locator
Bristolite installation instructions
Bristolite technical guides
Bristolite Dealer Locator





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