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We can consider four types of solar energy applications:

- Passive Solar Techniques.
- Solar Thermal Water Heating
- Solar Electricity Systems (Photovoltaic PV systems)
- Solar Space Heating (using solar air collectors).

Solar Hot Water Video;
Solar Photovoltaic Video;
Solar Space Heating Video

Passive Solar

Passive solar principles were mostly formulated in the 1970s and 1980s and part of them are now being subject to some criticism, especially the advantages of high thermal mass floors and walls and the use of very large glazing areas as a way to get solar heat gains in cold climates, in the winter.

See: Passive Houses vs. Passive Solar Principles and Passive Solar Guide

Solar Water: kit solutionSolar Water Heating

Solar water heating is now part of millions of homes worldwide.

Solar water heating is a competitive technology in moderate and hot climates, without freezing problems.

Its payback, in these climates, can be very short, contrary to what happens in cold climates.

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Solar Water Heating Designs
Solar Thermosyphon Water Heaters
Solar Drainback Water Heaters
Solar Batch ICS Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters Prices and Paybacks
Types of Solar Collectors

Solar Kit PV solutionSolar Electricity Systems (PV Systems)

Solar PV systems are increasingly common. But their installation makes more sense in energy efficient homes. PV systems should meet most of your home's electricity needs.

See this infographic: How solar is affordable for large companies

For those in a short budget, solar leasing can be a good option.

See this infographic: They install the solar panels on your roof for free.

See, for more information:
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Solar Space HeatingSolar Space Heating

Solar space heating (using solar air collectors) remains an underdeveloped technology.

The concept is simple and easy to implement, but the results aren't great.

Room Space Heating with Solar
Solar & Floor Radiant and Radiators


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Solar Energy Applications

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