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This page lists online resources on boilers.

General and Technical Information

Energy Savers (USA Department of Energy)
ACEEE: basics on furnaces and boilers
Replacing your boilers Energy Savings Trust UK
Best central boiler brands and manufacturers

Price & Rebates And Tax Credits

To look for possible rebates and tax credits for energy-efficient boilers, see:

USA: MeSys and its Pellet  Boiler Program and Dsireusa database for local and federal rebates and tax credits.
UK: Low Carbon Building Program
Canada: Incentives and Rebates database on the Office of Energy Efficiency.

Pellet Boilers

- Critical view, on their environmental impact: Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences PDF
- Benefits of using pellets, according to the Pellet Fuel Institute (pellet industry trade organization): Benefits of pellets.
Pellet grade standards 
MEsys Maine Pellet Boiler Program and pellet purchasing in Maine and New Hampshire (Bethel/Rumford/South Paris, Bangor, Lewiston/Auburn, Mid-coast, and Portland areas): Purchases
- For a comparison of the heating costs of the different fuels, see: Heat Calc NEIC (Excel Sheet) or Pellet Fuels Institute.
Germany: The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control supports the installation of pellet boilers and other heating systems based on pellets; See: KfW Förderbank and Bafa.  

Manufacturers & Brands

Energy Star Qualified Boiler Brands (PDF)

Which?’s Best Buys.





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