Thermostat prices, buying and effectiveness

Most programmable thermostats cost between $40 and $100; but there many models with prices out of this range.

Programmable thermostats designed for electric baseboard heaters or for heat pumps are typically expensive…

Programmable Thermostat Many programmable thermostats come with a 1 to 5 years limited warranty.

Thermostat Effectiveness

Most thermostats are designed to work with furnaces, boilers and air conditioners, but some companies are now selling thermostats for heat pumps.

Many thermostats can be used to control both your heating and cooling systems.Be cautious with heat pump thermostats, whose effectiveness is uncertain. And be special cautious with thermostats for radiant floor and steam heating systems. Typically, they do not provide any significant energy savings.

Make sure the thermostat is compatible with your system. Thermostats for single and two-stage heating and cooling equipment may not provide significant energy savings.

Buying Which Type of thermostats & Features

There are very few manufacturers offering thermostats for radiant heating and steam heating systems, for a good and obvious reason: the slow response time of these systems, which can make the energy-saving modes rather ineffective or inappropriate.

Manual thermostats are losing market share to programmable models. They have a few advantages over manual thermostats.

Top manufacturers have dozens of thermostat models; many are very similar, but there are specific features that you may want to consider.

Programmable vs. Manual vs. Wireless Thermostats
Thermostat Features

Your schedules

To ease the programming task, manufacturers are now offering four different types of thermostats:

- 7-day programmable thermostats, with a separate program for each day of the week; if your weekday and weekend schedules are different, of if there is such a chance, consider this type of thermostat; they are the most flexible of all.

- 5-2 thermostats - this type of thermostat allows you to set a standard program for weekdays and another program for the weekend.

- 5-1-1 thermostats – these thermostats are similar to the 5-2 thermostats; the only difference is that you can enter different settings for Saturday and Sunday.

- 1-week models – these thermostats have the same program for the entire week, and a reduced number of periods per day; they are the least flexible of all.

Number of periods per day

To get the most flexibility, select a thermostat with at least four periods per day: while you are at home, away from home, asleep… Many modern thermostats provide six periods or more...

Thermostat Settings for Cooling
Thermostat Settings for Heating

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