Boilers and gas condensing water heaters vs. common heaters

Conventional gas water heaters aren’t energy efficient; they waste a significant amount of gas. But they have a big advantage: they are inexpensive.

Common gas water heaters

The fact that common water heaters are inexpensive can make them a good choice for buildings with modest hot water needs - or as backup solar water heating systems.

New condensing gas water heaters and boilers

Newer gas water heaters and boilers may use the condensing technology, which makes them a lot more energy efficient. Condensing gas water heaters (and condensing boilers) can provide energy savings of 20% or more, compared to non-condensing units.

Unfortunately some of these these units (the American-style boilers) are a lot more expensive.

Top stainless-steel tank boilers prices can amount to $4,000 to $8,000, and are especially useful in homes with hydronic (hot-water) space heating.

These last type of boilers/heaters only become really advantageous for buildings with large hot-water needs.

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