wind power systems: manufacturers and dealers

Choosing a Local Small wind turbine dealer

Small wind turbine systems (3 kW up to 100 kW) are mostly manufactured by companies operating at a regional level.

Local dealers are a good starting point when choosing a small wind powered system. They are familiar with local wind conditions and should be able to provide valuable information and services.

Just be sure that they are experienced and qualified, and members of professional wind turbine associations. Ask for references and check them out, or use the Better Business Bureau.

For complete lists of small (and micro) wind turbine manufacturers, see:

USA: American Small Wind Organization list of equipment providers
Canada: Canadian Small Wind Organization list
Europe: Small wind Organization (supported by EU Commission) list for European manufacturers
Others: Small Wind Organization Manufacturers

For manufacturers of hybrid wind-solar systems, see: Hybrid Solar-Wind Manufacturers

Large wind turbines

Large wind turbines are manufactured by a few big companies

The Danish manufacturer Vestas is the worldwide leader in mega-turbines; but there are major players: GE Wind and Clipper Windpower (USA), Gamesa and Ecotecnia (Spain), Siemens (Bonus), RePower, Fuhrländer and Nordex (German), Suzlon (India), Mitsubishi (Japan)...

Micro wind Power Systems manufacturers

There are hundreds of small manufacturers selling micro-wind turbine systems. Micro-wind electric systems are sold through retail stores or online sites. See, for manufacturers: Urban Wind Electric Systems

Whenever possible, choose a long-established and experienced manufacturer. Many urban and micro wind-powered systems are of doubtful quality, and will not be effective or last long.

Make sure that their parts meet industrial standards (UL/Underwriters Laboratories, CSA standards...).





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