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This page is a compilation of online resources on residential windows...

Best air sealing guides and documents Guides, Catalogues and Documents on Windows

Large window manufacturers have a wide range of information (catalogues, technical information, window installation...) on their products. Take a look at their sites.

Below we list four good online guides and documents on windows:

US Department of Energy Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency
US Department of Energy Energy Savers, Windows
Energy Star Efficiency Windows: Performance criteria and USA climates zones
Natural Resources Canada: Buying Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

Best weekend air sealing projectFinding Window Installers

Retailers and big improvement stores can assist you to find windows installers.

In the USA, you may find certified professionals in the Resnet database: Resnet Window Repair.

Also in USA, the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program help low-income families to find certified professionals. See: State weatherization contacts.

Top window associations:
The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC): performance rating and certification of windows (USA and Canada).
International Window Film Association

The NWDA and the NFRC have a large list of window industry resources (North America). See them here and here.

UK: Energy Saving Trust UK, British Fenestration Rating Council;
Australia Windows & Doors Labeling: Australian GreenHouse Office.

Best weekend air sealing projectWeekend DIY Window Projects

For help on weatherstripping window projects you may take a look at...
Lowe's guide

Weatherproofing your windows with vinyl V-strips (Home Depot)
Weatherproofing casement and sliding windows (Home Depot)
Weatherstripping around windows and doors (Home Depot)

Best air sealing and insulation audits Window Audits

Though with a wider scope, professional energy audits can also involve the windows. If you intend to consider this type of audits, see:

USA: Energy Star: Energy star audit partners or Resnet auditors.
Canada: Natural Resources Canada
: Energy Saving Trust Home Energy check page.
: The Australian Government Home Safety Plan

Window Sizing and Placement

RESFEN software
Sustainability Victoria PDF





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