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Zero Energy Buildings

Zero energy buildings aren't rocket science; their features
Buildings can be Energy Zero
Why Zero Energy Buildings are so important
CO2 emissions coming from buildings & Zero Emission Buildings
Green revolution requires Zero Energy Buildings
Net Zero Homes: How Is It Possible?
Graphics about Zero Energy Buildings
Zero energy buildings
Zero Energy Buildings: freeing up electricity for the industry and electric vehicles
Zero Energy Buildings European Union
Zero Energy Buildings UK
Zero Energy Buildings USA
Zero Energy Buildings China
Zero Energy Buildings India
Zero Energy Buildings Australia
Zero Energy Buildings Japan

Green and Energy Issues

The best way to help save the environment
The hidden costs of fossil fuels
How much energy is your home wasting? How much pollution is your home producing?
Do you know who are the world's largest polluters?
Renewables can't produce all the energy we are consuming
Fancy ideas about clean energy
Energy efficiency's role in solar and wind success
5 easy ways of phasing out thousands of carbon plants worldwide

Energy consumption & Climate Change

Carbon emissions: we are wrecking the climate
Carbon emissions from 1700 to the present
Freeing up electricity from the homes and other buildings to the future vehicle network and to the industry
The under-appreciated story of energy efficiency

Solar & Renewables

They install the solar panels on your roof for free
US military like solar
Solar is affordable for large companies
Solar Energy Applications
The biggest solar installer in the US
Most critical step before installing solar
Is Solar Electricity Already Competitive?
Are solar PV electric systems too expensive?
How to slash solar electricity prices
Is clean energy an expensive dream?
Is clean energy dependent on technological advances?
Is the solar power energy mature enough?
Solar water heating
Water Heating Impact on the Environment
Why are solar water heaters so expensive in the US
Solar water heater options

Teachers & Schools & Messages

What Teachers can say about Zero Energy Buildings
What Teachers can say about Solar
Architecture and construction schools
Messages that schools and teachers should spread
Schools are harming the environment
Why aren't schools installing solar panels on their roofs
Schools and teachers can help save the planet


A short illustrated history of the energy sources
Banks and big corporations prefer solar and wind to nuclear and coal power
The return of renewable energy sources; coal and oil will be history soon
Empire State Building little known story: Making money being green
The unexpected ascending of Texas to the world's top of wind energy
Coal and Nuclear Energy are a Dead Man Walking
Meeting 60% of Texas electricity consumption with wind power
Solar PV cells are mostly manufactured in China
Australian Governments are pressing homeowners to meet energy and environmental goals
Australian great home energy programs
Carpet disposal and recycling & Elephants weight
Solar opportunities: Why aren't people picking up the $20 bills on the sidewalk
Owners, Renters and Low-Energy Buildings
They do not pay the energy bills; they do not care about the environmental impact
Forcing builders and building owners to meet high energy bills

Windows, Doors & Skylights

(Residential) windows & Climate Change
Exterior doors are not just for safety
Window films save money and can close coal and nuclear power plants
Low-energy residential windows can phase-out dozens of nuclear and coal power plants

Insulation & Sealing & Climate change

Thermal Insulation in Buildings & Climate change
Walls that can phase-out dozens of fossil power plants

Lighting & Climate Change

Billions of lights in millions of buildings & Climate change
Skylights: Beautiful blue skies, ugly consequences
Replacing incandescent lights with LEDs and CFLs & Nuclear power plants
Reduce your carbon emissions and lighting bills by 3/4
Choosing LED and CFL light bulbs is mostly an environmental choice

Electronics, Home appliances & Climate change

Do you know how much energy your many home appliances and electronics consume?
Electronics, Home Appliances & Climate change
Clothes dryers, washers & nuclear and coal power plants
Refrigerators, Freezers & Environment
Color Televisions & Environment
Home eletronics impact on the environment

Heating & Cooling

Air Conditioners Impact on the Environment
Cooling our homes without air conditioners
The best heating system for homes and the environment
Fireplaces, Environment and Health
Space Heating Impact on the Environment

Construction & Architecture

Stupid Architecture and Design: Archictecture and Climate Change
It's the Architecture, Stupid
What to ask to your architect
Architects and designers can phase-out dozens of nuclear and coal power plants
Homes should be modest-sized and comfortable
Energy efficient homes: is not all about equipment
Stupid Building Construction
Site and home orientation impact on the environment
Landscaping is not just about privacy and good looks
Environmentally-friendly apartments
Environmentally-friendly single-family residences
Choosing a comfortable and eco-friendly appartment
Want a comfortable and eco-friendly home?
Making homes and schools more comfortable and healthier
Reasons to consider an energy audit

Cities & City Governments

Message from your City Government about Buildings
How committed to the environment is your city government?
Solar power depends on city governments
Solar need government projects




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